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While logged into Global click the down arrow located beside your profile icon. 

You now have access to 2 options:

a. Contact Go

b. Help Desk

To look up an article on how to use a feature or watch a video select Help Desk.

A new window will open.

Enter a word in the search field and select Enter. 

All related knowledge base items and videos will appear.  Click on the link to view the details.

Or, in the top right hand corner of the page you can select Submit a Request.

This opens a Contact Form.  Complete the fields with an asterisk and attach a document if you want to send us a screen shot of a page and select Submit.

This sends the form to Customer Support and logs in your ticket list where you will be able to follow your own ticket activity.

If this is the first time you are using the Submit a Request option you will receive an email to the address you entered on the form.  We recommend you use a general clinic email address that all users have access to in order to keep tickets for your clinic stored under 1 login for easy management.

Go to your email and open the Welcome to Global Office email you receive from the GoHealth HelpDesk.

You will be requested to create a password.  This allows you access to view and manage your ticket activity.

After you have created the password go back to the HelpDesk page and select Sign In, enter your email and password, beside your profile name click My Activities.  You can now view and see the status of your ticket.

If you’re unable to locate the help you need select Contact Go.

If you are contacting GoHealth outside of live chat hours you will see this notice asking you to send us a message. The support team will respond within 24 hours. 

If you have an urgent issue you are welcome to call the toll free number.

When a live agent is on line, you will see the welcome message,  enter your contact details, subject and click start chatting.

A live agent will respond as quickly as possible.

Select the options link, you can select to send a file, send yourself a transcript of the chat if you entered your email address and you can end the chat.

Global Office is dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of personal customer support and knowledge of your Clinic Management System. 

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