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1. Your system insurance default must be set to 100% coverage.

2. Telus only allows primary insurance billing through Juvonno.

3. Sunlife and Manulife do not provide Predeterminations, you are unable to select "Check Coverage" for these insurance companies.  When you are submitting claims for these 2 insurers you will bypass the Check Coverage option and go right to the Complete and Invoice option. 

4.  You are able to confirm the submission by checking directly on the Telus portal.  It could take up to 24 hour for the submission to be visible.

5. Telus bills Primary insurers only.  You can accept payment from patients for balances owed that Primary insurers don't cover.


When the patient has completed their appointment, click on the appointment block and select the "Check Coverage" option.



The system Predetermination popup will show 100% of the total invoiced.  Select the Terms & Conditions box then select Submit.




The second Predetermination popup shows you the amount being approved.  If there is no coverage the Amount will show $0.00 . 

If there is partial coverage the details will indicate the portion covered by Telus. The example below is an example of a split invoice where the patient will owe a portion.


You can selec the "Generate PDF" button if you would like to see the insurance Form with approval details and you are able to print the form.  Close the popup.

From the schedule select Complete & Invoice where you will see under the Insurance field that the coverage is with Telus.  Select Checkout. 



You will receive a Submit Claim popup.  Confirm to send 100% to Telus by selecting the Submit button.




The patient appointment block on the schedule will indicated "Billed" at this point in the process.

Telus will respond immediately with the total amount covered.

Again you will have the option to generate a PDF.

If there is a percentage owed by the patient, you will then be able to accept payment from the patient. Select Collect Balance Owing.




You will then get the Receive Payment popup where you can select the method of payment you are collecting from the patient.


The invoice will indicate Telus for the portion covered by the insurance.


Go to Reports and select the Day End option.  The Telus item will appear on this report.

Patient History

Open the Patient Profile, go to History, Invoices.  The item will appear as paid and the invoice will indicate what portion is paid by Telus.


a. Billing Error icon on the Schedule

When you receive a prompt indicating there is an error during the Complete & Invoice process you are able to select "Void" in the popup.  The invoice will be voided on Juvonno.  To bill the patient manually you will click the appointment block on the schedule and select "Re-Invoice", deselect the Telus checkbox and bill the patient manually.

Before you Re-Invoice you could log into the Telus portal and submit the claim so that you know exactly what coverage is being approved before you complete the billing process in Juvonno.

b. Pending

When you go through the Telus portal you may receive a Pending prompt meaning the claim has not been approved or declined.  You will have to submit these types of claims directly through the Telus portal and pay them manually on Juvonno.


 c. Voiding a claim in Telus

You are able to void a claim on Juvonno by 12:00 midnight Eastern Standard Time on the day you submitted the claim.


1. If you are using the Practitioner Commissions feature in Juvonno REFUND the item do not Void the item.

2. History of claims submitted through Juvonno will not not appear on the Telus portal.  Only claims submitted through the Telus portal directly will appear.








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