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NOTE: If you are an existing Telus user, please see the section on Existing Telus Users for details on how to obtain the information required in the following set up.

Your system settings must be set to 100% coverage as the default.  Go to Settings, General, System, Patients, Insurance section, Default coverage - 100%. 

1. Clinic set up

Go to Settings>Clinic.

In the Telus section enter the CPR # and the Location #, Save.


2.  Practitioner Types

Go to Settings>Practitioner Types. Upload Standard Types.  Then enter the correct Telus code for example for Chiropractors enter the "Code" CHIRO in caps.


2. Practitioner Profiles

Go to Settings>Practitioners. Open the Practitioner Profile. Click the Telus tab.

Fill in the fields below then Save.



The Username and Password must be correct for each Clinic.  It will be set depending on the way you are registered with Telus, if you are registered as an Organization or as an Individual.

Depending on how you are registered, under the "License Type" you will select Attached to Clinic or Individual.

Select the correct Practitioner Type field then Save.

NOTE: If a practitioner is at more than 1 location with a different username and password locate each clinic on the Practitioner Profile page, Telus tab and enter the correct details.  


3. Insurance

Go to Settings>Third Party Companies.

Add a New Insurance or Edit an existing insurance company record.  Select the correct insurance listing from the "Telus Insurance #" list, Save.


4. Products & Services

Go to Settings>Products & Services.

Select the correct "Telus Procedure Code" from the list. Save.


5. Patient Insurance

Open the Patient profile, open the Insurance tab.

Create a New Insurance or Edit an existing record.

Make sure you have the correct Policy, Certificate, ID #'s etc. or the claim will show errors.

You do not have to enter Policy Rules for the patient as Telus automatically calculates what the patient coverage will be.  Juvonno sends the claim to Telus as 100%, through the Complete and Invoice process Telus responds with the coverage they provide.

Under the Policy Rules, Coverage Type Field, you are able to select Telus Health eclaims - category coverage.  You will then be able to track balance by category that you get from the patient or Telus directly by contacting them by phone on the patients behalf.

NOTE: There may be an instance where you have to manually bill Telus in which case you could enter the policy rules for your records.





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