Set up Telus in GoHealth

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NOTE: If you are an existing Telus user, please see the section on Existing Telus Users for details on how to obtain the information required in the following set up.


1. Clinic set up

Go to Settings>Clinic.

In the Telus section enter the CPR # and the Location #.



2.  Practitioner Types

Go to Settings>Practitioner Types. Create Practitioner types for all "Types" use the correct Telus code for example for Chiropractors enter the "Code" CHIRO in caps.

If you already have Practitioner Types set up in your system, make sure they match exactly with the Telus Code.


2. Practitioner Profiles

Go to Settings>Practitioners.

Open the Practitioner Profile.

Under the Profile page fill in the fields below then Save.



Under the Practitioner Type field select the correct Practitioner Type then Save.


3. Insurance

Go to Settings>Third Party Companies.

Edit the insurance company record and select the correct insurance listing from the "Telus Insurance #" list.



4. Products & Services

Go to Settings>Products & Services.

Select the correct "Telus Procedure Code" from the list.

Select the correct "Telus Practitioner Types" from the list.





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