Optometry Tariffs & Hotlinks & ICD Code

Mary Jane -

Setting up Hotlinks

The most commonly used Tariffs in optometry are:

Prefix: 7 - 8545

Prefix: 7 - 8546

Prefix: 7 - 9728

Prefix: 7 - 9726

Prefix: 7 - 9724

These can be added to your hotlinks to give you quick access when creating a claim.

To add these hotlinks go to Accounting>Module Settings.

Enter the Tariff Hotlinks then Save.

When you create a New Claim the Hotlinks will appear on the bottom right corner of the popup.

To disable the ICD field as a requirement go to Settings>Tariffs>search for each Tariff and open the item. Under the Required ICD9 Code Required field, set that to No and Save.


Mandatory Fields required:

a. Enter the default ICD Code : 367.9 under the Modules popup.

b. Practitioner #: Settings>Practitioners.  Open the practitioner profile.  On the Profile tab, Practitioner # enter the Practitioner # and Save.







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