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Mary Jane -

You must have the system Notifications and Email Reminders turned on in order for a patient to receive the necessary information and link to join a Phyzio program.

a. Notitications

Go to Settings>General>System>Scheduling>Scheduling Section. Locate the Default Patient Reminder filed and set that to any of the email reminder defaults. Save.

b. Email Reminders

Go to Setting>General>System>Appointment Reminders Section.  Set the Standard Patient Booking Notification to Yes. Save.

1. This module must first be enabled by going to Settings, General, System, Modules, Telehealth and select Enabled, scroll to the bottom of the page and Save.

2. Go to Settings>General>System>Integrated Apps.  Enabled set to Yes. You must also enter a "Token" number and "Secret" code. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save.

2. When you book an appointment on the schedule the appointment popup will show a field called Visit Type. Select Telehealth - Phyzio as the Visit Type.



3. An appointment link will automatically be sent to the patient.

4. The appointment block will appear with diagonal lines to indicate it's a Telehealth appointment.



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