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There is a $2.50 fee for Physio sessions with 2 or more people that goes beyond 5 minutes.  This fee is charged to you monthly.

1. The patient must have a valid email address in their Patient Profile.

2. The Schedule Type you are using when booking the appointment on the schedule must have Telehealth check box selected. Go to Settings/Schedule Types. Edit the Schedule Type, select the box and Save.

3. Notifications

Go to Settings>General>System>Scheduling>Scheduling Section. Locate the Default Patient Reminder field and set that to any of the email reminder defaults. Save.

4. Email Reminders

Go to Setting>General>System>Appointment Reminders Section.  Set the Standard Patient Booking Notification to Yes. Save.

5. The Telehealth module must first be enabled.  Go to Settings, General, System, Modules, Telehealth and select Enabled, scroll to the bottom of the page and Save.

6. Integrated Apps: Go to Settings>General>System>Integrated Apps.  Enabled set to Yes. 

7. When you book an appointment on the schedule the appointment popup will show the option to select a Visit Type. Select Telehealth - Phyzio as the Visit Type.




The appointment block will appear with diagonal lines to indicate it's a Telehealth appointment.

8. The patient will receive the appointment notification to their email.  They can access the session through their computer or phone.

9. From the Schedule, click the appointment block and select "Send Session Email".  The patient will receive an invitation to the session. There is a "Join the Session" link within the email the patient will select on the date and time of the appointment.

10. On the date and time of the appointment the practitioner will click on the appointment block and select "Join Phyzio Session.  Both parties will be linked to commence the meeting.

11.  If you want more than 1 participate in the session, after performing 7. and 8. there is an option on the Physio page to invite additional participants.

12.  There are several options on the Telehealth-Phyzio screen. 

You're able to take a picture using the camera icon and draw on the image fore saving it.  At the end of the session you can open the patient profile, go to the documents section and upload the PDF image.





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