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I don't see the Check Out button when paying an invoice.

1. Make sure the User Type assigned has not restricted access from you paying an invoice.

2. If you are using the Moneris gateway, the gateway may be having connectivity issues. Go to Settings, Payment Gateways, edit, set it to inactive and Save. Pay the invoice then go back to Settings, Payment Gateways, edit, set to active and Save.


What Reports do I use for Tax purposes at the end of the year?

NOTE: Gift Cards - Use the Comprehensive Sales Reports and deselect the Gift Card option.

You will also provide the Payments Received, Payables, Taxes Paid and Adjustments reports to your accountant.


How do I use text message appointment reminders?

Text reminders must be activated on your system.  If it is not, please contact customer support. There is no charge for this feature. 

When the feature has been enabled you will see a Text Message link under the Communications tab.

You can communicate back and forth with patients using custom text messages.

1. Go to the Settings tab then select General.

2. Go to System then Email & Reminders.

3. SMS Messages section. Edit the text reminders then Save.

Patient profile set up:

1. On the patients General page make sure you have the complete cell phone number in the cell phone field.

2. Under the Default Reminder field, select one of the text message Reminder options then Save.

How do I set up or change scheduling intervals for a practitioner?

1. Go to Settings>Practitioners.

2. Click the blue icon to the left of the practitioner name. Click Open or select "Edit Practitioner".

3. On the practitioners profile page locate the field titled "Scheduling Interval".

4. Select the interval you want from the drop down menu then "Save".

5. You must set up a new availability record for the practitioner in order to show the new intervals. Go the practitioners "Availability" link and select "New".

6. The updated intervals will appear. Set the practitioners availability then select "Save". Now when you view the practitioners schedule it will show the new intervals.

Reports: Why am I getting an error when creating a report?

When you're creating a report that has a lot of data over a long period of time you may get an error because of the volume of data.  Try creating your reports for a shorter time frame.

How do I delete, inactivate or discharge a patients profile?

Deleted profiles cannot be reactivated. We suggest deactivating a patients profile so that you can reactive it in future.


Go to the Patients tab.  Click the blue icon to the left of the patients name and select Delete.  You'll be prompted to confirm you want to delete the profile.


Open the patients profile you want to set to Inactive.  Scroll down to the Active Patient field and select No then Save.


Open the patients profile you want to Discharge.  Scroll down to the Active Patient field and select Discharge then Save.

How to show/hide cancelled patient appointments on the schedule

You can show or hide cancelled appointments on your schedule by going to Settings, General, System, Scheduling.  Under the Dashboards section, beside the Highlight & Display Cancelled Appointments, select Yes or No and Save.

Cancellation Report:

You can create a list of appointments by going to the Report tab.  Under the Scheduling heading select Cancellations by Practitioner.  You can select to create a report on any or all of the cancellation reasons.

How to add or edit Tariffs

1. We suggest not creating your own tariffs as the system can update tariffs.  The tariff has to be exactly as the provincial billers requests.  If you do not see a tariff you need on the system, please contact customer support with the details of the tariff.

Edit & Delete

Hover over the entry & select edit or delete.

How do I change chart numbers?'

To start renumber charts the Settings have to be set up correctly.

1. Go to Settings>General>System>Patients.

2. Under the Patients section Auto Assign Chart # and select No.

3. Now open any patients profile.

4. On the General page click the Renumber link.

5. A pop up will open where you can reassign the chart number.

6. You can go through the profiles you want to change or you can start the number from this point.

7. To auto assign chart numbers from this point forward go back into the settings and reset the auto assign chart numbers.

How do I add a new Employee?

Administrator, Practitioner or Employee (Doctor, Chiropractor, RMT, Physiotherapist etc.)

Note: When using the Medical Assistant or the Employee option you will not be able to schedule employees.

We suggest you use the Administrator option for employees other than Practitioners/Doctors.

You must have at least 1 user type created in the system to add a new practitioner or medical assistant/employee. This is not required to set up a new Administrator. 

1. Go to: Settings/Staff heading – Administrators, Practitioners or Medical Assistants/Employees.

2. Select "Add New Administrator or New Practitioner".

3. Enter the most pertinent information to get the staff member started then select Save. You can always come back and complete more details later.

Tip: View the video section to play videos on creating new employees.

How do I create a new practitioner type?

1. Go to Settings>Practitioner Types select New Practitioner Type.

2. Name: Enter a name for the practitioner for example: Chiropractor then Save.

How do I create a new user type?

1. Go to Settings then select User Types, select New User Type.

2. Name: Give the user type a name such as Physiotherapist.

3. Select “Granted” or “Restricted” from drop down menus throughout the page then select “Save”.

How do I set up and link a user type to limit site access to an employee?

1. A user type granting access must already be set up.

2. Go to Settings>Administrators or Practitioners.

3. Click the blue blue icon to the left of the employee and Open or Edit.

4. Go to the Login tab.

5. User Type field: Choose a user type from the drop-down menu and “Save”.
How do I create a new schedule type?

1. Go to Settings>Schedule Types>New Schedule Type.

2. Name: Type a name for the schedule type for example ‘Available’ then select “Save”.

How do I add a schedule type to a practitioner’s availability?

1. Go to: Settings>Practitioner.

2. To the left of employee, select the blue icon down arrow and select “Schedule Types”.

3. Click the Schedule Type then select “Add”.  The Schedule Type will move to the practitioner’s availability list.  “Save”.

How do I set availability for a practitioner?

You must have at least 1 practitioner set up in the system. 
At least 1 schedule type must be created. 
You must add the schedule type to the practitioner’s availability profile first. 

Now you’re ready to add availability for a practitioner.

1. Go to: Settings>Practitioners.

2. Click the blue icon to the left of the practitioner you want to set availability for then select “Availability”.

3. Click “+New” then select a Schedule Type.

4. Set the time and days of the week the employee is available by clicking grids with the mouse then select “Save”.

Tip: To select more than 1 grid box at a time click the start time, hold down the shift key and the end time with the mouse.

How to delete availability

Click the blue icon to the left of the availability entry you want to delete and select "Delete".
When you delete an entry the appointments that were booked for the practitioner remain on the calendar.

Daily Availability overrides

If you want to schedule a practitioner away for the day you can use the "Daily Availability Override" section.

You could also use the "Away" feature to block the day off for a practitioner.

What are the steps to set up products & services, departments & categories?

This section should be set up in the following sequence.
1. Product Departments
2. Product Categories
3. Products & Services

Product Departments

1. Go to Settings>Product Departments>New Department.

2. Enter the name of the department for example ‘Products’ then “Save”.

Product Categories

1. Go to Settings>Product Categories>New Category.

2. Name field: Type a category name for example ‘Orthotics’.

3. Department: Select “Products” from the drop-down menu.  This is the department you previously created under Product Departments then select “Save”.

Products & Service

1. Go to Settings>Products & Services>New Item. 

2. Department: Select “Products”.

3. Category: Select “Orthotics”.

4. Name: Example: Custom Orthotics.

5. Retail: Enter the retail dollar amount of the orthotics.

6. Select: “Apply” or “Save”.

How do I check a patient out and create an  invoice?

a. From the schedule, click on the patient’s appointment block.
b. Select “Complete & Invoice”.
c. At the bottom of the popup you can change the patient’s product or service or add a product or service.
d. If you select “Close” items you entered using the “Add Products” feature will not be saved.
e. Select “Checkout” to update the invoice fields and continue.  The “Receive Payment” page will open.
f. Select the method of payment under “Paid By”.

Note: If the patient has a credit it will be indicated on the top portion of the pop up.  When you select credit as the paid by method the total of the credit will appear in the payment amount field where you can edit the amount.

g. Select if you want the patient to receive an email copy of the invoice.  “Save”.
h. Click “Ok” to confirm the payment type and amount.
i. Selecting “Cancel” takes you back to the Receive Payment page to make changes.
j. If the patient has insurance selected for the appointment, selecting "Save" will generate both an insurance portion and a patient invoice if the patient owes the clinic.  For example, if the insurance only covers 80% Juvonno will calculate the 20% the patient owes and create an invoice.
When you select “Save” an invoice will be generated and ready to print for the patient.

'''Note:''' Pay AR Balance (this is the outstanding amount owed by the patient)
While processing an invoice you’ll see the “Pay AR Balance” button.  If the patient has an outstanding balance it will appear in this field.  When you select “Pay AR Balance” the outstanding amount will be added to the total of the invoice to receive the payment.

Checking out a patient without paying the invoice

You may want to checkout a patient leaving their invoice as a receivable to pay later.

a. When you get to the “Appointments: Checkout” page check the information is correct then select “Checkout”.  The “Receive Payment” page will open.
b. Select “Cancel”.  This will create an invoice leaving a receivable balance. You can go back and pay the invoice using one of the methods below.

How do I pay an invoice created in the past?

a. To locate an invoice go to the patients profile, History>Invoice tab.
b. Click the blue icon to the left of the invoice you want to pay and click "Pay Invoice". The "Receive Payment" pop up will open.
c. Complete the transaction.

Note: You can also go to Accounting>Invoice Search and search by patient name or invoice #.

How do I change the method of payment on an invoice?

Easily change a wrong payment type.

a. Go the patients profile then History>Detailed Billing tab.
b. Click the blue icon to the left of the item and select “View Payments and Adjustments".
c. Click the item and select “Change Payment Type”.
d. Select the correct method of payment then “Save”.


If the payment was made today you can go to the "Transaction" tab, click the blue icon to the left of the item and select "View payments". Click the blue icon to the left of the item and select "Change Payment Type".

How do I void a transaction?

There are several places on the site you can void a transaction.

1. The Transaction Tab

2. Through Accounting, Invoice Search page

3. Accounting, Receivables page

4. The Patient Profile under Invoices

1. Transaction tab

The Transaction tab shows daily transactions.  If the transactions you want to void took place "today" you will be able to void from this section. Simply hover over the item and click Void.

2. Accounting tab
a. Select select Invoice Search.
b. Complete the fields with the information you have then click the Search button.
c. Click the blue icon to the left of the item you want to void and select Void.

3. Receivable page

a. Go to Accounting, select Receivables.

b. Complete the fields with the information you have then click the Search button.
c. Click the blue icon to the left of the item you want to void and select Void.

4. Patients Profile
a. Go to History>Invoices tab.
b. Click the blue icon to the left of the item and select Void.

How do I view voided invoices?
To view voided invoices from a patients profile click the box beside Show Voided Invoices.

How do I use on-line, paperless charts?

How to give chart access to employees
a. Go to Settings>Practitioners or Administrators.
b. Open the employee profile.
c. Click the Charts tab.
d. Select the chart templates you want the practitioner to access in a patients profile.  Save.

How to grant chart access to view other practitioners charts

To allow practitioners to view charts created by other practitioners follow these steps.
a. Open the practitioner profile.
b. Select Practitioner Access.
c. Under the Individual Group or Primary Group Access sections select Add Practitioner or Add Group.  Most clinics have a staff group set up for example called Physiotherapists this allows you to add the entire group of practitioners rather than having to select each practitioner name under the Individual Access section.
d. From the pop up window you can select the check box to Access Charts and Access Schedules. Select the Access Charts box.
e. Click Add.

How to create Charts

a. Open a patient’s profile.
b. Select the Chart tab.

c. Click the Add button located on the right side of the page.
d. Select the Observation tab then select the chart you want to create.  The form will open.

Saving a Chart
a. Select Apply while inputting information to save it as you go.
b. After you have completed a chart it will appear under the chart tab where you will have the option to open, edit, lock and create it in pdf.
Editing & Viewing Charts

You are able to edit an encounter until it is locked after which you will no longer have access to editing.  When you edit a chart the system will create a new version of the chart.

Chart Icons
*Double arrow - Edit/View Encounter
*Plus sign - Add a document to this Encounter
*Page Image - Add a note to the Encounter
*You can edit an encounter until you have locked it.

How to  print 1 or more Charts
You are able to print charts. 

Click the Down arrow located beside the Add button in the top right corner of the page then select Export to PDF.  A list of charts will open.
You can select to print all the charts or select the ones you want to print.  If there is more than 1 version of a chart there is a double arrow beside that chart, click the double arrow to view versions.

Medical Warnings
After you have added a medical warning from the Patient Intake tab or within a patient chart the tab will turn red.

How do I add commissions for a staff member?

Products & Services must be set up before you can add commissions.

a. Go to Settings>Practitioners and open the practitioner profile.
b. Select Commissions>New Rate.
c. Type: Select a product or service commission is being based on.
d. Item#: Type in the item # if you know it or click “Go” to open a list of products & services, select the product or service.  The item # will populate into the field.
e. Name: When you select a product or service the # will auto-populate in this field.
f. Calculation Field: Select Profit or Total.
g. Calculation Type: Select flat or percent. Save.


Select “Flat” the field below will change to “Amount”.
Select “Percent” the field below changes to “Rate”.

How to change the practitioner and/or administrators schedule view

a. Go to Settings>Practitioners or Administrators.
b. Open the employee profile.
c. Click the "Preferences" tab.
d. Under the "Display" section, Dashboard field select the dashboard view you want. The most commonly used dashboard is My Practitioners. Save.

Note: If you are using Juvonno office for more than 1 clinic you can select "Clinic Practitioners" in order to see practitioners in both locations.

You can also select to use the Resource Schedule if it applies to your clinic.

How do I add a patient to the waiting list?

a. From the Home page, click the Waiting List tab.
b. Select a practitioner from the drop down menu.
c. Click Add Patient to Waiting List.  Complete the details of the form.
d. When you cancel a patients appointment within the cancellation pop up you will see Book from Waiting List.  Click the box and a list of patients on the waiting list will appear. You can select to book a patient if you like.
e. An email reminder will go out however keep in mind the patient has not confirmed they can attend the appointment. Make sure you confirm with the patient they accept the appointment by calling them.
Note: You may want to add a schedule type for Waiting List to prompt yourself to call the patient and confirm.

There is no separate waiting list appointment email.

How do I edit the patients appointment reminder?

a. Open the patient's profile that you want to set an email reminder for.
b. Scroll to the "Default Reminder" field.
c. Select the correct reminder then Save.

How can I refund a patient?

a. Go to the "Billing" tab then select the "Quick Invoice" link.
b. Recreate the invoice identically to the one you want to refund. Enter the details for the patient, practitioner etc. Enter the product & service and type in a minus sign before the number in the Qty field this will create a refund.

When I do a refund for an inventory item will go back into inventory?
a. Create a credit for a returned item by going to the Billing tab then select Quick Invoice.
b. After entering the product item put a - negative entry beside the number in the Qty field.
c. Enter a - negative beside the price of the product. This will return the inventory count.

How can I put a credit on a patients account?
There are 2 ways you can manually add a credit.
a. Go to Accounting>New Credit.
b. Create the credit. To see the credit go to the patients profile. Select History then the Credits tab.


a. Go to Accounting>Enter Payment.

b. Enter the details for the credit, this could be used for prepayment of services.

c. Select View then select Post Payment.

Why am I getting an error while trying to view an invoice?

If you have uploaded the wrong file type under "Signature" in a practitioners profile you will see an error when trying to view invoices. The signature can be found on the practitioners profile under the "Preferences" link.

How do I delete an invoice?

a. Open the patients profile, History tab.

b. From the "Detailed Billing Page" click the blue icon to the left of the item and select "View Payments & Adjustments". 

c. Click the blue icon to the left of the item and select "Delete".

How can I see patients upcoming appointments?

There are several places you can view upcoming appointments.

a. Click the patients appointment block on the schedule and select "Upcoming Appointments" from the drop down menu.
b. Upcoming appointments are printed at the bottom of the patient invoices.
c. You can also go to "Reports" and select "Patient Appointments".

d. From the Patient Look up located down the right side of the Home Schedule page, enter the patients name, scroll down and select Upcoming Appointments.  You will also be able to print the list form the popup.

How can I quickly reschedule an appointment?

Click the appointment block of an existing patients appointment and select Reschedule.


Drag and drop the appointment across a day, 4 day or week view.  You can also use this method to reschedule to another practitioner.

How to create patient labels?

a. Go the Patients tab and select Advanced Search.
b. You will see a Print Labels icon appear on the right side of the page.
c. Search by Patient Name.
d. Click the Print Labels icon.  The labels will appear on a document.

You can export it to a spreadsheet and make changes if necessary or print a sample copy.  You may want to print it to ensure it fits properly on the labels your using.


Go to Reports, Generate Labels.

What browser should I use on all my devices?

Juvonno can be used with any browser however to optimize the display of forms, templates, documents, spread sheets, reports, icons and images we suggest using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

If you are using a Mac we also suggest these browsers.

Make sure your browsers are always updated and restart your computer regularly.

How do I download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?

'''Mozilla Firefox'''

*Using an internet search engine type “Mozilla Firefox download”.  
*Select “Firefox Free Download” then “Run”.  
*The download should begin automatically prompting you with instructions through the installation until it’s finished.
*If you encounter any problems using GoHealth, restart your computer.

'''Google Chrome'''

*Using an internet search engine type “Google Chrome download”.
*Select one of downloads in the search results.
*Select “Download Chrome” and follow the prompts that walk you through the installation.
*If you encounter any problems using GoHealth restart your computer.

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