Portal System Settings

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You must have the portal enabled. Contact Customer Support or Sales for details.

Hover over the (i) icons to read a description of the setting.

Go to Settings>General>System>Portal.

General Section

1. Enabled: Yes

2. Allow Public Signup: Yes. If you want patients to register a new profile on line.

3. Add/View Medical Profile: Yes. If you want patients to complete their Medical Profile on line.

4. Intake Form Completion Notification: Set this field to yes if you want to be notified to your clinic email address when a patient completes intake forms.

5. Portal Signup Notification: Set this field to yes if you want to be notified to your clinic email address when a new patient registers.

6. Portal login URL: Give this url link to your website designer to create the "Book an Appointment" button on your company website. When your clients click "Book an Appointment" they will be directed to the patient portal where they can then book an appointment on line.

Scheduling Section

1. Slot Availability: Allows you to set specific times under the Practitioner Profile, Availability tab that can be booked in the portal.

2. Auto Accept Portal Appointments:  Yes will automatically book the appointment. You will not have to manually accept it from the schedule.

3. Pending appointment email address: When there is a pending appointment that has not been approved an email is sent to the this email address. If this field is left blank the email will go the practitioner.

4. Apply Default Insurance: If yes, applies the patients default insurance record to an appointment they book in the portal.

5. Hours Prior to book: Sets the number of hours prior to an appointment it can be booked.

6. Hours prior to cancel: Sets the number of hours prior to an appointment it can be cancelled.

Scheduling Consent section

1. Enabled: Shows a check box beside consent text.  The patient must select the check box before continuing.

2. Scheduling Consent Required: Set this according to your selection under the Enabled field above.

3. Required Every Time: If this is set to yes the patient must select the check box each time they book an appointment in order to continue.

4. Consent Text: This text appears next to the check box for the consent.

5. Consent document: You can upload a consent document for the patient to view.

Messages section

This is custom content you enter to provide details about the booking process for your clinic and other notices you want the patient to view while reading through the pages on the patient portal.

1. Appointment Booking Message: Appears at the top of the first page where the patient begins booking their appointment.

2. Portal Login page message: Appears on the login page.

3. Secure Home Page Message: Appears once the patient has logged in.

4. Public Book thank you message: Appears after the patient has booked their appointment.

Widgets section

1. Insurance Totals: Shows insurance totals.

2. Loyalty point balance: If your clinic uses loyalty points the balance will be visible.

3. Outstanding invoices: Patients will have access to their invoices.

Your website portal link

You will provide the url link for the Portal to your IT representative.  This link will be put on your website directing patients to the portal.

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